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Laptop computers are used for many things - work, entertainment, as well as for social purposes, to get in touch with your friends on Facebook. This is why a laptop table desk may come in handy.

This type of table can be adjusted to suit you best, as you use your laptop on your recliner, or even if you are in bed. This table for laptops is designed also to double as bed trays, so you can place food on this laptop table when you are not using your laptop on it. This laptop table can also serve you on those days when you are feeling under the weather but simply NEED to get some work done.

Plenty of people can make use of a laptop table, not just business professionals, students, as well as the elderly or the handicapped. There are those that spend the whole day in front of their computers, sitting in rather uncomfortable office chairs. When these office workers get home and need to get work done, the best way to do this without dreading pain that may develop in one’s back, shoulders, neck, as well as arms, is to make use of a laptop table. As mentioned, these tables can be adjusted – in height – and they can also be angled to whatever angle you find to be most convenient, based on how you are positioned in your bed or recliner. Just the same, there are people that suffer from chronic shoulder, neck or back pain, and this table can benefit those individuals as well.

The good thing about having a laptop table desk such as this one is that you can also spend time with your family in the living room. You do not have to be locked up inside your study or room, where your very heavy desk is, just to be able to get some work done, because this desk is also portable, and can be collapsed and transported very easily from one place to another.

  • It made of natural Bamboo.
  • It is the first foldable Bamboo Laptop Table in NZ, only 5CM height after it folded.
  • It can adjust the height.
  • It can adjust the angle.
  • It has a small drawer in the right hand side.
  • It has a cup holder.
  • It has hollow pattern can make laptop cooler.
  • It has usb fans to make laptop keep cooling all the time.